Lego Light Up Spacecraft

Introduction: Lego Light Up Spacecraft

This spacecraft is built with a light on it for not getting lost in "deep space".

Step 1: Parts

The parts you need are for the most part very basic

Step 2: Cockpit

First take the 2 T shaped platforms and put them together than add nose.add a Control board.add back of seat and the cockpit is finished

Step 3: Engine


Step 4: The Dish

The colorful dish has a few transparent colored parts

Step 5: Dish Base

The dish clicks into the center of this piece

Step 6: Lower Body

Now we add on to the cockpit

Step 7: Light

At this time we will add the light because this ship is built around the light to secure it. Start with a fake candle ,Open the battery cover, Pry it out, Close the battery covernow it should fit height wise,but it doesn't side to side.trim each side with it fits but there's slide room put one more lego in to secure itleave the switch sticking out a little so you can turn it on and off when you close the body

Step 8: Upper Body

Now we will enclose the light with the upper body and attach the rear wheels.NOTE:does not roll.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! That's a great idea to use an electric tea light like that. Nicely done!