Introduction: Lego Lights!

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turn your ordinary translucent lego pieces, into a magical display, that will amaze not only little children who love lego, but adults who have a liking for art.. With the help of some very simple wiring skills and some LEDS (:

Step 1: Finding the Right Blocks

Okay so we have loads of these lego pieces just lying in a massive container in the house, so i decided to put them to good use.

What i looked for was as many see-through or translucent lego pieces i could find, from just the single pieces, to the two by two pieces.

Also, you will need two ten by ten flat pieces as shown in the picture

In the end, i found a hand-full of good sized blocks that i thought would be suitable for the project(: remember that if you are doing this project, you dont have to follow my design exactly how i did it!

Step 2: Build Your Blocks

So now you will need to build up your blocks on your 10x10 piece of lego ( the other 10x10 piece is for the base) creat a small number of small towers on the flat lego piece, it would be a good idea to use the same colour blocks on each tower, in order for the same coloured LED to give the full effect.

Step 3: Marking Out the Holes

So after you have placed all of your blocks on your flat lego piece, you will need to take them off, and mark with a vivid/sharpie where you want your LEDS to be placed (preferably underneath where the lego pieces would be placed, so that the LEDS can illuminate the blocks)

Step 4: Drill

Start drilling out holes where you marked em out, i used about a 3.5 mm drill bit, but it doesn't really matter as long as the LEDS can fit through.

Step 5: Re-placing

Now you can re-place your mini-translucent towers on your flat lego piece/, this part is optional, it might be easier to put them back on after you are done soldering!

Step 6: LEDS!!

Start slotting your LEDS through the holes that you drilled earlier

Step 7: Gett'n Soldering!

Its your choice how you want so solder your LEDS. (Parallel or series) heres what it turned out like when i was done soldering. (The wiring was done on the opposite side of where the mini- translucent lego towers were placed)

Tip: use the same colour LED as the colour as the tower, or a white one to give the best effect when illuminated!

Step 8: The Walls!

After the LEDS are all sorted, you will need to build four walls around all the wires with more lego pieces, so that it is more stable and doesn't look as messy

Also, it is good to have the walls made out of lego, so that you can access the insides, incase you need to switch the batteries or something

Step 9:


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