Introduction: A Shootible LEGO M4A1

I thought I'd share how to make my LEGO M4A1. It shoots 1x4 Lego bricks, is magazine fed, and has an adjustable stock.

I am not going to make full on instructions as that would take too many pictures and file sharing websites usually don't hold files very long (was problematic with my other instructions). Instead, i'm just going to show some detailed pictures and if you have any questions, just ask and ill probably add another picture if necessary.

Like my mp5k, this is based off Jack streats hammer and magazine design.

This gun is quite powerful and looks quite realistic so take caution and don't shoot anything living and try not to take this out of the privacy of your own home. There have been incidents where police have mistaken toy guns for actual firearms and I would not wish that upon you.

Moving on...

Step 1: The Hammer and Bolt (and Some Barrel)

Just a heads up but this "gun" acts more like a crossbow as rubberbands are used to propel the 1x4 lego "bullets".

The hammer NEEDS the rounded quarter circle piece.

So for those who dont know the terms:

hammer = moves back and forth and is activated by the bolt and trigger. (In this case, it will be driving the "bullets out of the magazine and shooting it out of the barrel")

bolt = pulls back the hammer into a locked position

Barrel = the "tube" which aims the bullet in a particular direction

Step 2: Trigger Mechanism

The trigger mechanism seems complicated but it's really not. Check every picture for descriptions.

Step 3: The Magazine

It holds 10 1x4 bricks. The white piece in the pictures pushes up the grey ammo. The ammo i use here has a flat plate on it but that isnt really necessary. If you dont use it, you would have to alternate them upside-down, right-side-up and so on.

Step 4: The Magazine Well and Hammer Movement

The magazine well is a bit complicated so questions/clarification can be given

Step 5: The Handle/grip

The specifics arent too important, its just how it connects to the body that really matters.

Step 6: The Push-button Magazine Lock

Just like the real m4a1

Step 7: The Adjustable Stock

The stock has 4 lockable positions.

Step 8: Stock Locking Mechanism

This is a pretty in-depth picture guide of how it works

Step 9: Various Body Shots

Here's some outside body shots. Ive included which holes are important and what they connect to.

Step 10: The Iron Sights

I liked the looks of the iron sight carry handle so i didnt replace it with a holographic sight or something else. The carry handle is a bit fragile and really cant be used reliably.

Step 11: Range

Its a pretty crummy video of me shooting it once. The distance from where im sitting and the curtain is about 20ft.

Well we're basically done. Feel free to ask questions and please be careful with what you do with this.

I would appreciate it if you would vote for me. Thanks

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