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Introduction: Lego Minecraft

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I've wanted to make a lego mine-craft stop motion so I made some characters for the over world. (I will post more later) I didn't like the mini ones so these are bigger (scaled correctly) and now Im sharing them with you ( please fallow comment so I have more motivation for cooler things) ; )

Step 1: Zombie Man/Steve Destruction Atone

For this you will need: 2 flat 2 by 1 blue 1 green 2 by 2 1 flat 1by 2 blue with one stud (top right next to the 1 by 4) 1 flat 1 by 4 blue 1 blue 1 by 2 1 blue lego minifig pants And tape with a fine point sharpie

Step 2: Zombie 1

Stick that blue 2 by one on those pants!

Step 3: Zombie 2

Next make the arms, put those flat 1 by 3 on the ends of that 1 by 4 sucker!

Step 4: Zombie 3

Put the uni-stud on the head (green brick)

Step 5: Zombie 4

Put them together

Step 6: Tape and Sharpie

This is where your artisticness comes in! Put tape on on it and sharpie to match the picture. Now cut it to match the brick

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