Lego Minifig Display Case Mod for Simpsons Minifigs

Introduction: Lego Minifig Display Case Mod for Simpsons Minifigs

The Problem? Marjorie Jacqueline "Marge" Simpson's minifig hair is just too tall for the Lego Mini Figure Display case. Poor Marge is slotted in on the diagonal to make her fit which is less than ideal.

Step 1: Tools

To perform this modification will require some basic tools:

  • Small Phillips head screwdriver
  • Lead pencil and ruler
  • Drill and drill bits and/or Dremel
  • File(s) for tidying up holes if required

Step 2: Open the Case

First things first, carefully take your minifigs out of the display case and set them aside.

Optionally remove the clear front door from the hinges.

Place the mini figure display case face down or something soft like a towel to prevent it from being scratched.

On the back cover are seven (7) screws holding your case together. Carefully remove them and place them somewhere safe. NOTE: The two shorter screws are from either side of the handle up the top.

Gently pull the case apart lifting the back straight out and away. NOTE: the mechanism that opens the top cover sits between the inner case and outer case, be careful not to lose the spring as the two halves separate.

Step 3: Measure Twice, Drill Once

Assuming you are putting Marge in the second space from the left, measure approximately 73mm (2 7⁄8in) in from the side and make a mark.

Measure approximately 20mm (25⁄32in) from the front and make a cross.

The next step is drilling a hole at the point you have just marked out. The hole should be centered from left to right over Marge's cubicle and approximately two-thirds from the front. Please check this is roughly where your mark ended up before moving on.

Gently drill a hole at the spot you marked. I would recommend starting with a small drill bit and gradually increase the size of the drill bit. For Marge's bouffant I ended up with a hole approximately 15mm (19⁄32in). My drill only takes a up to a 13mm drill bit so I drilled to this size and then made it a little larger with a rat tail file.

Step 4: Modify the Door Release Bar

The bar that forms the release mechanism for the front door sits right on top of the hole you just created at Step 3 and needs to have a little removed to stop it whacking poor ol' Marge.

Line the latch up so that it sits in the middle of the notch, see (1) in the image.

Take a pencil and mark a line for either side of the hole as per the photo.

Using a file or dremel or ... , gently take a notch out of the bar the width of the hole. I made mine approx 1/2 the depth of the bar.

Step 5: Put It All Back Together

To put it back together I suggest placing the case upside down on it's studs, place the release mechanism bar into the case with the button lining up with the hole. The latches for the door facing the side where the clear door latches.

The small spring sits in the recess in the bar.

Hold the spring down (compressed) with a finger while carefully sliding the inner case into the outer case. The spring needs to sit between the inner and outer case.

When the two pieces are back together, press the release button and make sure that the latches release and that the button returns back flush with the case when released.

Put the screws back into to rear of the case, NOTE: The two shorter screws are from either side of the handle up the top.

If the clear plastic door was removed at step 2, clip it back on.

Pop your minifigs back in their spots. Marge can now stand tall.

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