Introduction: Lego Minifigures Showcase

Many people know and love the Lego bricks, for many of us they were the best toys. In the last years Lego has created a new line called minifigures, they are not simple toys but objects that can be collected and exchanged with the other young and less young people who love the Lego bricks. So when I started to collect them, the problem to find a right place for them was born. To solve the problem I found a nice project on instructables but I wanted to create a more "personal" project, so I created this low cost showcase from an old TV.

Step 1: Unmount the TV

1 - Unmount the TV, being careful to do not break its plastic supports and frames;

2 - Take the display size;

Step 2: Prepare the Frame of the Final Showcase

1 - Cut the four pieces which compose the frame, each piece should has to be at least 3 cm wide;

2 - Mount the frame;

3 - Test the size of the frame inside the support of the TV.

Step 3: Prepare the Shelves

1 - Mill the three shelves to 5 mm deep;

2 - Check the milling process using a Lego block;

3 - Check if the board of the minifigure has a right size with respect the shelf;

4 - Mount the shelves to the frame.

Step 4: Prepare the Background

1 - Unmount the display and take the four sheets which are used to distribute the light;

2 - Attach one or more strips light inside the plastic support of the TV;

3 - Check the strips light connections;

4 - Attach the first three sheets one to each other using the glue;

5 - Print and attach the background sheet;

6 - Attach the last sheet (the transparent one) to the background:

Step 5: Final Step

1 - Prepare the door of the showcase, cutting a piece of transparent plexiglass or perpex;

2 - Mount on the door at least two hinges and the knob using a lego brick;

3 - Fix the lego bricks on the shelves using the glue
4 - Paint the structure;

5 - Fix the background to the structure;

6 - Mount the door to the Structure;

7 - Enjoy with your Lego Minifigures.

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