Introduction: Lego Mission to the Crystal Planet

About: Hi! My name is Brodie, I am 14 years old. I love science, Minecraft, and Legos. I have been enjoying for a while, and finally decided to make my own instructable. I hope to make many more.

One day an Inter-dimensional rift opened and a mysterious planet emerged from the anomaly, the Lego space Government has launched a mission of researchers to study the secrets of this mysterious planet.

Step 1: Aliens

There are two common creatures on this planet: the Crystal Scuttlers and Crystalline Spiders, they both get their energy from consuming minerals and photosynthesizing.

Step 2: An Android

This is a helpful companion for your astronauts that can do anything from cleaning the dishes to watering the plants

Tip: you can customize the color of transparent 1x1 plate.

Step 3: Scanner / Space Phone

This helpful tool can scan things and is a portable media device.

Step 4: Scanner #2

This scanner is meant for scanning for organic life, but since all life on the crystal planet is non-organic it is completely useless.

Step 5: Large Storage Container

You can store crystal pieces and 1x1 studs in this.

Step 6: Drone and Small Storage Crate

This drone can carry heavy objects from platform to platform.

Step 7: Speeder

Astronauts can get around fast on this vehicle

Step 8: All-terrain Probe

This probe can reach areas where Astronauts can't, and it has legs that can double for arms.

Step 9: Rover

This rover is equipped with: mineral scanners, an arm, and other sensors.

Step 10: Space House

If you vote for this Instructable I will show you how to make this amazing space house.

It comes with: a communication dish, 2 reclining beds, a computer, 2 TV's, a food preparation station, and a table.

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