Introduction: Lego Multi Device Charge Dock, Phone Tablet

build your own lego charge dock

Step 1: Lego Tablet / Phone Multi Charge Dock

i chose lego minotaurus sets as they include lots of single row bricks and flat tiles and the important base board, this dock required two minotaurus sets plus a few bricks lying around.

Step 2: Decide the Surface Area You Need to Cover for Your Devices

i chose to make for two phones and one tablet, make sure you allow for enough height in lego for the charger cable in itself, if your device is thinner than a single row lego width gap, you can overcome this by building a higher wall around your device, this will reduce wobble, i was lucky enough that lego fitted snug device width wise, you can see later one of the phones used hada dot view case on, i allowed for this but you can choose, thats the beauty of using lego.

Step 3: Building the Lego Area for the Cable Runs

once you have decided the device surface area, you need to build the cable run area for the charge cables

Step 4:

see how i have completed the template for my tablet even allowing gaps for the sound ports if required, used lego flat tiles when in contact with the device

Step 5: Building the Supports That Are in Contact With the Chosen Device

next work out the where the charge cable would align with the device and tile other areas

Step 6: Alignment of the Device

see how the device is best aligned with lego

Step 7: Showing Multi Device Cable Area Prepared

here is the cable area now prepared ready based on the devices you are going to use

Step 8: Showing the Cable Area With the Start of the Dock Area

next start to build the foundation for the chosen devices

Step 9: Unused Gaps Filled Wwith Brick Towers

building bricks to fill the gaps, based on my design

Step 10: Bricks Filling Unused Gaps

bricks filling unused gaps.

Step 11: Showing Speaker Channels for Purpose of Sound for Tablet

have allowed for sound ports on my tablet, but you can decide

Step 12: Showing Complete Build Up of Lego

showing build up of lego dock but not assembled yet.

Step 13: Showing Build Up of Cable Area Complete

showing cable area with tiles complete, cables to be mounted

Step 14: Cable Area Showing Cables Mounted

next melt or drill the exact position for the cables, i found i had the mount between the brick snubs, i found it easier to cut of the underneath piller within the brick also for ease of charge plug mounting, i chose to use solering iron to melt the holes, then used the left over lego cuttings to melt the charge plug in place, i chose high quality charge cable from an auction site.

Step 15: Showing the Charge Dock Complete

now complete, i cut the base board around the perimeter of the lego bricks, shown with a charge cable for each device, i have an 8 port mains usb charger unit.