Introduction: Lego Necklace

Show off your inner geek with a Lego brick necklace! You can go as fancy as chrome Lego bricks, or use any colors and even enhance it with Lego tiles. It's easy enough for kids to create, too.

Step 1: Assemble the Lego Parts and Jewelry Findings

You can use any color of Lego bricks. A useful principle is to make the Lego bricks your chosen color, then a darker shade for the Lego plates. Those plates designated as "black" are best in that color, as they seem to fade into the background.

Parts needed for the sample light blue necklace:

6 Lego bricks 2x4, light blue

6 Lego plates 2x4, dark blue (Lego plates are 1/3 as thick as Lego bricks)

5 Lego plates, modified 3x2 with hole, black (if you don't have these, you might try, piece no. 3172)

1 Lego plate 2x3, dark blue (or you can use 2 1x3 plates if you don't have a 2x3 plate)

1 Lego plate 2x2, dark blue

2 Lego plates 1x2, black

2 Lego plates 1x1, dark blue

4 Lego plates, 1x4, black

1 chain necklace of preferred length (I like 19 inches)

5 metal split rings (like on key chains, available at craft and hardware stores) size 0.47 in./12 mm.

Step 2: Insert Split Rings Into the 2x3 Modified Lego Plates.

This is the hardest part, as the rings are stiff. I used a toothpick to wedge the ring open, then inserted the ring from the back, to lessen the chance of scratching the front. Once you get the ring started in the hole, just slide the toothpick out.

Step 3: Build the First Unit.

You'll be working on the Lego bricks and plates face down, starting from what is now the left-hand side. The picture shows how the plates are put on the light blue brick, then cover them with a dark blue brick.

Step 4: Unit 2 Is Built Onto the First One.

The picture shows how the 1x4 plate from the first unit overlaps onto the second unit, with a one stud space between them. The 1x1 dark blue plate reduces shifting, and the next 1x4 plate overlaps to the middle unit.

Step 5: Assemble Unit 3, the Middle One.

Unit 3 uses two light blue 2x4 bricks, then the other dark blue and black plates as shown. Two black 1x4 plates meet on this brick, as the right-hand picture shows. Then the unit is covered by two dark blue plates.

Step 6: Unit 4, Working Your Way to the Right

Assemble Unit 4 as shown, connecting to the middle unit and extending a 1x4 to the final unit, then cover with a dark blue 2x4 plate.

Step 7: Unit 5 - the Last One

Assemble the final unit as shown, ending with a dark blue 2x3 plate.

Step 8:

The flip it over and it's ready for you to slide the chain through. Or you can embellish it further with some of the various Lego decorated plates you may have accumulated.

Step 9: And Enjoy!

I think the chrome one is surprisingly dressy. With any combination of Lego bricks, plates, and decorated tiles, the necklace always draws comments.

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