Introduction: Lego Ninjago Sword of Fire

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My son recently asked me if I could make the Sword of Fire from the Ninjago TV show (and Lego sets). Being the Maker Dad that I am I said:

Sure!... Maybe... Probably

Going and finding the sword in our bin of Legos (or Lego Bricks if you want to be technical) I figured that it would be a fun build to put together for him. It's an easier project, but definitely time consuming.

Want to see how to put one together? Let's Ninjagoooooooooooo!

Step 1: Materials

The materials I used for this build were:

A piece of 2x4

Yep... that's it.

The tools I used for the build: (with affiliate links)

Miter saw -
Scroll saw -
Clamps -
Chisels -
Dremel -
Micro Sander -
Gold spray paint -
Clear gloss spray -

Step 2: Tracing the Sword

I took a picture of the sword and brought it into Inkscape. I used the pen tool and traced out the outline of the sword, then used the edit path tool and matched the curves of the sword.

I measured my son's hand and figured a good size to fit him, then scaled the outline I created to match.

I printed the outline out, taped it together, then cut it out.

Step 3: Prep a 2x4

*insert a 2x4 Lego brick joke here*

I traced the outline onto a piece of 2x4, then cut it to size. I took it to the scroll saw (a bandsaw would work better but I don't have one). I cut out the outline of the sword, then using the picture again as a reference, I drew all the designs on each side of the sword.

Step 4: Start Carving

Here comes the fun part... and the time consuming part.

I marked out the center of the handle, then drew a circle around the edge of the handle.

Then... carving. Lots and lots of carving.

SIDE NOTE: Carving pine is... terrible. A better option would be any kind of hardwood. Any kind. Pine is just not carving friendly.

Step 5: More Carving

After getting the designs of the blade done, I carved out the dragon face on the handle.

Again... time consuming.

The last part was to carve the designs into the handle.

Step 6: Sand in the Place Where You Live

Is that going to be stuck inside your head now?! You're welcome.

I took a micro sander to sand down the larger flat areas on the sword, especially on the blade, and get the whole thing sanded down.

For the fine details of the sword I took a sander bit on my Dremel and sanded down all the curves and nooks of the dragon's face.

Step 7: Make It Gold

I took some gold spray paint and painted the sword. I added 2 coats to each side, letting them dry inbetween coats.

To finish off I took some gloss clear coat and, again, put 2 coats on each side of the sword. I allowed each coat to fully dry between each coat.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Now that it's done, enjoy! Go fight some evil snake lords, or skeleton armies, or whoever needs a good fight with someone wielding the legendary sword of fire!

Step 9: Watch the Video!

Now you know how to build it, see it being made!

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