Introduction: Lego Ninjago Mega Weapon

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First there was the Sword of Fire

Then the Scythe of Quakes

Made the Shurikens of Ice

And the Nunchucks of Lightning

With these four weapons combined, they make: THE MEGA WEAPON!

Finishing off the series of the Lego Ninjago Golden weapons, the last - and greatest - weapon was the Mega Weapon.

Here is how I put it together:


The materials I used: (with affiliate links)

The tools I used:

Pica marking pencil -

Scroll saw -

Woodpeckers square -

Tap and Die -

Block plane -

Kutzall hand rasps -

Kutzall Shaping Bits -

Dremel -

Micro sander -

Materials I used:

8/4 Basswood

1" wood dowel -

Gold Paint -

Epoxy -

Step 1: It Starts With a Board

Basswood to be exact. I used an 8/4 scrap piece I picked up at a local hardwood store. After printing out the design for the head of the Mega Weapon, I laid it on the basswood and traced it out. Taking the basswood to my scroll saw I cut it out

SIDE NOTE: Using something like a bandsaw would be way more effective. I just have a scroll saw, so I used that, but if you have a bandsaw, use that instead.

Drilling holes in some of the inside shapes, I fed the scrollsaw blade through the holes to cut out the inside shapes as well.

Step 2: Making a Handle

Marking the bottom of the head piece, I drilled a 3/4" hole.

Using the tap, I threaded the inside of the headpiece.

I cut a piece of 1" dowel to length (this will vary depending on how big you want to make the Mega Weapon - I cut mine to 32" long), then used the die to thread both ends of the dowel.

Step 3: Shaping a Pomel

Cutting a piece of the basswood to length, I marked out the V shape of the pommel.

I cut the V shape out on the scrollsaw. Before shaping the pommel with the block plane, I drilled a hole into pommel and used the tap the tread it (it's easier to clamp at this stage).

I took the block plane and shaped out the pommel.

Step 4: Carving the Head

I took the head and marked a center line around the outside for reference, then used the hand rasps to start shaping the the outside edges of the head.

Switching out between different grits and styles of burr attachments, I used the dremel to carve out the finer detailed areas.

SIDE NOTE: This process produce a lot of dust. Like A LOT. Always wear a mask.

Step 5: Sand and Assemble

With the shape of the head carved out, I took the finer grit hand rasps and micro sander and evened everything down to be uniform and smooth.

Taking each piece, I started gluing them to the handle. With that, it was assembled!

Step 6: Paint and Seal

I took some gold spray paint, and sprayed several layers of gold, trying to get as much of a shine to it that I could.

SIDE NOTE: I should have used a primer before using the spraypaint. Primer helps to fill in areas in the carved part of the head, and helps the paint to adhere better. So use primer first.

Once the paint was dry, I took some epoxy and spread a thin coat all over the Mega Weapon to seal it - and to make sure the paint didn't come off after being used too often.

SIDE NOTE: A polyurethane would work as well, I just had some epoxy on hand and wanted an excuse to use it.

Step 7: Wield the Ultimate Power

Now it's done, and you can wield the ultimate power in the whole of Ninjago!

Be warned, you may grow and extra set of arms.

You've been warned.

Step 8: Watch the Video

Now that you know how I did it, watch how I put it all together to create the ultimate, the legendary, the heavier than it looks Mega Weapon!

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