Introduction: Lego Openable Dalek

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This project is exactly as it sounds; it is how to build a dalek that actually opens at the bottom.

I created this a long time ago, and, due to the restrictions on certain pieces, only built 3. Needless to say, though, I am proud of this design, and I hope you enjoy it as well.


4 grey studs

2 black studs

1 translucent blue/purple stud

2 of the same color stud (matching the color scheme of the dalek)

1 "bullhorn" piece

1 grey axel

1 small black sattelite dish

1 1x1 tall stud

1 1x1 cone stud

2 2x2 plates (matching the color scheme of your dalek)

6 1x2 plates with clips (matching the color scheme of your dalek)

1 grey headlight brick

1 2x2 round plate (matching your dalek)

1 1x3 plate (matching your dalek)

1 grey 2x3 joiner plate

1 grey lightsaber handle

1 black 8-sided 2x2 clip-attachment plate

Step 1: The Head

Start with the 2x2 round plate. Add the satellite dish to the bottom, then slip the bullhorn in through the top.

Step 2: The Eyestalk

Put a grey stud, along with a black stud and the blue/purple stud together as shown, then connect to the rest of the head.

Step 3: The Shoulders

Start with the 2x3 joiner plate. snap the headlight brick and the 1x3 as shown, then attach the headlight brick upside-down onto the round end of the joiner plate. Then, add the tall cylindrical stud in the center of the "remaining" studs as shown. Attach the heat to the cylinder. On the "free" parts of the 1x3, add the weapons' ball joints.

Step 4: The Base

start with the 8-sided clip reciever. Attach the clips as shown. Also as shown, add the 2x2 plates to the symmetrically "front" clip plates.

Step 5: Mounting the Shoulders

first, make sure that the base's studs are diagonal in relation to the rest of the build. Then, place the small cone on the back stud as shown. stack three studs atop the cone (leaving the black one). Then mount the shoulders using the hole in the center of the joiner plate.Now close it up, and all that are left are the weapons.

Step 6: The Weapons

For the manipulator arm, simply put the black stud on the smaller end of the lightsaber handle. The death ray is simply a light grey peg. Attach the gun on the left, and the other limb on the right.