Lego Paper Airplane Launcher



Introduction: Lego Paper Airplane Launcher

This project uses Legos and rubber bands to launch a paper airplane. By following the steps, you can make one too!

Step 1: Getting Started

The first thing you will need is a Lego base plate. The one I used is a 16x32, but anything this size or bigger should work fine.

Step 2: Launch Path

First, you need to place smooth tiles for the launching mechanism to slide on. At the end, there's a slight ramp to send the plane upward.

Step 3: Launching Mechanism

The next step is to build the actual device that launches the plane. It's set up much like a bow, where elastic energy is used to propel the object forward.

Step 4: Securing the Launcher

Now that you have the launcher in place, it needs to be closed in so it has a specific path to go on. This is to ensure that the mechanism won't fly off of the rest of the build.

Step 5: Securing the Plane

The final step of the build is to make sure the paper airplane stays on its designated launch path. This is done by adding a sot of ceiling that touches the top of the wings, so it has no room to fall over. You will need to repeat the last 5 steps twice so you have 2 supports, one for each wing.

Step 6: Making the Plane

All that is left to do is make the paper airplane! Simply follow the pictures and you'll be ready to fly.

After you make the plane, pull the launching mechanism to the back wall of the build and place the plane on the center of the launch path, making sure the wings are secured under the supports. Then release the launcher and the plane will fly!

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