Introduction: Lego Phone Dock

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Here is a sturdy little cradle made from lego to hold any phone comes in handy for watching films on your phone it also fits in your pocket for on the go docking! It looks better if its all one colour but mine is rushed! You will need: 2x 4x2 smooth flat blocks 4x 1x1 mini hendrick blocks or 2x 2x1 6x 1x2 flat blocks 4x 2x4 flat blocks 4x 1x2 grill blocks (optional to smooth top) 1x 1x4 flat block 1x 4x4 or 2x 2x4 flat block 2x 1x2 single hinge set 1x 2x1 double hinge set

Step 1: The Base

Put 3 2x4 flat blocks together to create a 6x4 plate! Then use a 4x4 to put on top followed by another 2x4 next to it

Step 2: The Stopper

To stop your phone from sliding off use 2 2x1 blocks at the front then put your mini hendrick blocks on top

Step 3: Smoothing Out the Bumps

Use 4 grill plates or smooth blocks and place then behind the stopper

Step 4: The Hinges

Use a 2x4 plate as a spacer for the hinges then place the hinges across the gaps

Step 5: The Back Rest

Use your smooth 2x4 block and put the hinges on the bottom

Step 6: Grand Finale

All thats left to do is put the support plate on the hinges and attach the back rest

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