Introduction: Lego Pikachu

Hi veiwer Pikachu is an amazing Pokemon, so I am going to teach you how to build him!

Step 1: The Feet.

Find two yellow Lego blocks.

Step 2: The Waist.

Find one four block of Lego.

Step 3: The Body.

Then find a two by two block.

Step 4: The Arms.

Then you find two black two by two blocks.

Step 5: The Tail.

Find two yellow two by two blocks and atatch them too a three by two block then add a black block at the top.

Step 6: The Neck.

Then find a four by two and put it over the yellow piece by the feet.

Step 7: The Head.

Find a two by two block.

Step 8: The Ere.

Last find two yellow pieces and two black pieces. Then you have your own Lego Pikachu.