Introduction: Lego Play Table With Storage From Old Coffee Table and Drawer.

Turn an old coffee table into the ultimate kids play table. Lego building and Hot wheel raceway both; with storage box built from an old drawer to contain all pieces.

Step 1: Items You Will Need

An old coffee table
An old drawer or two, from a dresser
Painters or Masking tape
Paint, black and some yellow and white
Polyurethane, spray can
Lego plates
Small flat screwdriver
Gorilla Glue
Paper towels
Bricks, or something heavy
A handful of Lego bricks atleast four sections long
8 L brackets and screws

Step 2: Preparing Table

If like me you find your table on someone's trash pile make sure you clean and sanitize it so it's safe for little ones to play on. I wiped mine down with a bleach and water solution. One tablespoon bleach to a gallon of water.
Using masking tape or painters tape, tape off the top section of the table. This is to prepare it for painting. I used spray paint for quick application, but any paint can work. Primer the top section. Once fully dry add a couple of coats of black paint.

Step 3: Turning an Old Drawer Into a Storage Bin

Using an old drawer most likely from a dresser carefully take it apart. I used a hammer and tapped all the sections at the joints till loose and then pulled apart. the drawers I had were not square so I used two drawers, taking a side and back from each so that it was completely square. The drawers you get may be held together with staples. In this case use a small flat screw driver to pry them out.
Measure these to the dimensions of your table top. If like mine it may be bigger than the table. If this is the case use a saw (I used a simple hack saw) and cut it to size.
Use a primer to prepare these sections for paint. Paint these sections a color of your choice. I choose white and then painted on details of a cityscape on one end and raceway logo on the other to help enhance the overall theme of the table.

Step 4: Building the Toy Bin.

Then position each section onto the table. Using a total of 8 L brackets, two for each side. One at a time secure each section with a bracket at each end. Using the drill and screws. Leaving just enough space for the other bracket to fit.

Step 5: Glue Down Lego Base Plates

To make sure all the base plates are lined up correctly use Legos that are at least four sections long and place them on the with half on each side. So as to line up each one next to each other.
Since we will be using Gorilla Glue I recommend getting a spray bottle to dampen the plates before applying the glue. Gorilla sets best on a dampened surface. Using a rag dampened to moisten the surface would work also. I prefer a spray bottle set on a fine mist just for an even coverage.
Once you have dampened the plates add the glue. Cover the whole surface leaving about a half an inch between lines of glue to account for spread.
Once covered in glue flip over on to the table. Position in to place quickly. You made need to slide them into place and the using a paper towel wipe up any excess glue from around the edges.
Use something heavy to help hold them in place while the glue cures. I used bricks but books could work to. Check for any seepage of glue around the edges and wipe up right away. Gorilla glue sets well in about an hour but isn't cured for 24 hours. I left the bricks on for the hour.

Step 6: Adding Details and the Raceway

Now your table is put together and just need details.
I used yellow paint to add dashed lines around the edge to make it look like a road for Hotwheel cars. I also added a checkered finish line with white paint. Now since this table is going to see lots of use by little one I added a coat of polyurethane to seal it all in. I used the spray can type simply because it was easier and could use to get into all the corners of the toy bin.
Once everything has dried remove your painters tape from the edges.
Now let your little one's imagination run.

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