Introduction: Lego Portal - Alternate 50’s Mobster Turret

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I know that I did a Lego mobster turret instructable a while back, but if you haven’t noticed, that isn’t the way I have them permanently. The reason being that I wanted 2 mobsters, but I only had 2 ‘gun holders’. So I adapted the design, and to be honest I prefer this design to the previous. It also uses some more ‘common’ pieces, so that’s a plus!
(By the way, the lighting in the images isn’t very good since I took most of the pictures at night and relied on a single bulb)


See picture.

Step 1: Stand

Random useless fact : did you know that in Portal Stories : Mel, if you (somehow) hold a mobster turret upside down so that you can see the bottom of the stand, it reads ‘do not tip over’?

Step 2: Main Chassis

If you want more variety between your mobster turrets, try building some with a grey/gray colour scheme?

Step 3: Final Assembly

Enjoy your new ‘budget’ version of the mobster turret!