Introduction: Lego Portal: Chell With Portal Gun

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For my first instructable, I decided to make something from one of my favorite video-games of all time, Portal 2. In this instructable is Chell and the portal gun, both Lego Most of the body parts can be found in various Indiana Jones sets. Everything else I just randomly found in my lego collection. The design for the Portal gun is based off of that of Kooberz, but slightly modified for shape and for those of us that don't want (or can't afford) custom parts.

Step 1: Chell Parts

These are the individual parts. The face and the shirts specifically are from Indiana Jones. I believe the pants are from either a Lego Agents bad guy or a garbage man. The long-fall boots are made from fairly common parts.

Note: If you want to make a first Portal Chell, then you could use a full garbage man suit.

Step 2: The Long-fall Boots Go Like This

Step 3: Posing Chell

Step 4: The Portal Gun

As I mentioned earlier, the basic parts of my version of the portal gun are based on the one in Kooberz own Lego Portal video, but modified.

Note: For the stand I used a barstool type piece I had found.

Step 5: Portal Gun Parts

All these are normal, common pieces. The top prong's base on my gun was black, but you could have all three have a white joystick base. You can easily put on an iridescent blue stud instead of an orange one, so you can have both colors. I built two portal guns for my lego videos, one with a blue stud, and one with an orange one.

Step 6: Base With Handle

In one of the side studs, stick the screwdriver in till the tip is peeking out of the opposite side, but not sicking out too much, or you won't be able to put on the top prong.

Step 7: Adding Head and Black Stud

Stick the head on the opposite side from the bottom hole. On the hole side, stick the black stud in the hole.

Step 8: The Similarities Stop Here.

Stick the orange stud on top of the black one. At this point the similarities with the portal gun of Kooberz stop, and I incorporate my own design in.

Step 9: Put the Helmet on the Head

I did this to give it more of the curve the gun has, instead of the plain flat head.

Step 10: The Prongs

I put a black joystick on top, and white ones on the sides. Honestly though, you can have any color configuration you wish, It doesn't matter much.

Step 11: Have Your Lego Shelf Look Cool, Really Impress Portal Fans.

I showed these to my nerd friends, and the thought I was amazing. They also go great with all my other lego creations, many of which will be in future instructables. Happy building! TFOL out!

Note: Teenage Fan Of Lego.

Other Note: You are never too old for Legos! There should be nothing anyone can say to keep you from them!

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