Introduction: Anna's - Lego Remote Controlled Car - From Old Remote RC Car

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Simple way to build a remote control Lego car, just using a simple Old Remote or RC Toy Car...

Parts you will need:

1. Old Toy Remote or RC Car ,

2. Assorted Lego parts: 2x4, 2x8, 4x4, etc.

3. Large Lego Panel 8x20, or etc

4. Gluegun,

5. Foam pieces are helpful.

Step 1: Unscrew and Pull / Pry the Top Off of the Car Frame...

Unscrew and dissassemble the old Remote / RC Car, removing / prying off the top. You can pry it apart, etc. Don't worry too much about damaging it. You are going to cut it and glue it together again anyway.

Step 2: Next, Clip Off the Frame Surface to Make It Flat ...

Next, you want to cut away the surface protuding features to make it flat topped. You may want to use a large set of wire cutters or tin snips. Clip it down until you have a sort of flat frame top.

Step 3: Fit Lego Parts on Top of Frame...

After, you have a somewhat Flat Frame, find some Legos pieces between Flat 2x4 to 2x8 or 4x4, etc. Place them around the frame top, and in the center.

Next, mount a large Lego Panel and/or pieces on top of these pieces. This is just temporary to keep the pieces square on the frame, until the glue dries. You may need to mount supporting layers of parts between to connect the panel on all of the parts. Don't worry, the extra parts can be removed at the end, as long as you don't glue them also.

Step 4: Glue Down the Lego Pieces ...

Lift the Lego structure off of the frame temporarily.

Place pieces of foam into the Frame and glue them in place. These will provide additional support to glue the legos to.

Next, add lots of glue under the 'attaching legos'. Add glue on top of the frame, where the Legos mount. Then, place the Lego structure back into place - and press the glue together. You may and probably will need to add glue around these Lego parts to the frame.

Everything should be squarely glued into place. Let this sit for half of an hour to cool and dry.

Step 5: Finally, After Dry, Remove the Extra Panel and Pieces...

After the glue is hard, you can remove the extra Panel and pieces. Make sure everything is tight and secure. Add any glue to better secure the parts.

Step 6: Finally, Build on the Frame - Your Dream Car, Mars Buggy, Techbot, Robot Car, Etc !

Finally, Build on the Frame - your dream Car,

- Mars Buggy,

- Techbot,

- Robot Car,

- etc !