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Introduction: Lego Robot

What I tried to create was a fully functional robot with all the needed sensors for autonomous control and movement. The main body is the structural core housing the two main control boxes and the four bases for the legs.

The main body has and ample amount of protection to enable movement on rough terrain with out fear of damage.

The legs can be adjusted to different ground clearance for the body from belly dragging to all the way up to 6 inches.

Each leg can move a little more than 180 degrees around the body.

Here the build list below:

Number of Bricks: 1331

22 x4655339LEFT PANEL 3X5 - Bright Orange
22 x4655340RIGHT PANEL 3X5 - Bright Orange
10 x4558797RIGHT PANEL 3X11 - White
10 x4558802LEFT PANEL 3X11 - White
30 x4580022Shell 3x11x2 Ø 4.85 08 - Bright Orange
2 x4618384LEFT PANEL 5X11 - Bright Orange
2 x4618385RIGHT PANEL 5X11 - Bright Orange
2 x4296917Lightsensor - White,Bright Orange,Medium Stone Grey,Dark Stone Grey,Light Stone Grey
1 x4546542COLOUR SENSOR, ASSEMBLED - Medium Stone Grey,Dark Stone Grey,Light Stone Grey
1 x4296969Soundsensor - Bright Orange,Medium Stone Grey,Dark Stone Grey,Light Stone Grey
2 x4297174Ultrasound sensor - Bright Orange,Medium Stone Grey,Dark Stone Grey,Light Stone Grey
8 x4297008Tacho Motor - Bright Orange,Dark Stone Grey,Light Stone Grey
2 x4520887NXT - Black,Bright Orange,Sand Green,Medium Stone Grey,Dark Stone Grey,Light Stone Grey,Cool silver, drum lacq
48 x4177444TECHNIC 2M BEAM - Black
2 x4142822TECHNIC 3M BEAM - Black
22 x4142135TECHNIC 5M BEAM - Black
3 x4142969TECHNIC 7M BEAM - White
28 x4120017TECHNIC ANG. BEAM 4X2 90 DEG - Black
22 x4154767TECHNIC 9M BEAM - Black
8 x4552347T-BEAM 3X3 W/HOLE Ø4.8 - Black
2 x3252501TECHNIC 11M BEAM - White
9 x4522933TECHNIC 13M BEAM - Black
21 x4128603TECHNIC 15M BEAM - Black
24 x4142823TECHNIC ANG. BEAM 3X5 90 DEG. - Black
16 x41098102M CROSS AXLE W. GROOVE - Black
348 x4121715CONNECTOR PEG W. FRICTION - Black
36 x451926CROSS AXLE 3M - Black
4 x4211808CONNECTOR PEG/CROSS AXLE - Medium Stone Grey
12 x4177421BUSH FOR CROSS AXLE - Black
4 x4168884CONN.BUSH W.FRIC./CROSSALE - Black
272 x655826CONNECTOR PEG W. FRICTION 3M - Black
80 x4114740CROSS AXLE 5M - Black
4 x4198367DAMPER 2M - Black
10 x4515185BEAM 1X2 W/CROSS AND HOLE - Black
8 x4526982TUBE Ø7,84 2M - Black
8 x370626CROSS AXLE 6M - Black
8 x4121667DOUBLE CROSS BLOCK - Black
8 x4107783ANGLE ELEMENT, 180 DEGREES [2] - Black
4 x4173970CROSS BLOCK 3M - Black
2 x4560174DOUBLE BUSH 3M Ø4.9 - Black
140 x4195022HTO V BEAM 90 DEGR. - Black
12 x4296059Angular beam 90degr. w.4 snaps - Medium Stone Grey
4 x4580014FLAT PANEL - Bright Orange
24 x4120181GEAR WHEEL T=8, M=1 - Black
8 x4142058GEAR WHEEL 40T - Black
16 x4520872TURNTABLE 4.85 - Black,Dark Stone Grey

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    6 years ago

    This looks really awesome! What program did you use to design this?


    Reply 6 years ago

    Lego digital design it's a free program from Lego you can get it on the Lego website


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    No, I don't have all the pieces needed, its quit a large design. I plan on making a custom fabbed bot with my cnc and an arduino based off this design. The only thing that needs to be finished with a prototype is the gear ratios to the legs so they lift and come down correctly.