Introduction: Lego Robot

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This is a cool Lego robot that I managed to make. It was originally meant to resemble Chappie from the move of the same name, but once I realized it looked absolutely nothing like him I changed the design and made a completely different robot. Anyway, here it is!

Step 1: Parts Required

These are all the required parts to build it the way I did.

NOTE: the yellow clip can be replaced with a regular square one. That was a mega blocks clip that I just grabbed because it worked.

Step 2: Assembly

Now that you have your parts gathered, unless you decided not to because you're a rebel, follow the pictures to build the robot correctly.

Step 3: Finished, Completed, Done, Wrapped Up, Whatever!

Now you can use and enjoy your new artificially intelligent (not really) robot! Thanks for staying for the ride

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