Introduction: Lego Robot Fight

By Thawarat Karn Panusokul

Joe Maruca

Step 1: Material and Tools


2. Arduino

3. 2 Bottom switch

4. Balsa Wood

5. 2 RadioShack No. 2730766

6. 9V battery packs

10. A lot of wire

11. External battery pack

13. Super Glue

Step 2: Dragon Lore BABY !

1. Make 2 different robots out of legos.

2. Glue mounting adapter to the bottom of your robots.

3. Attach both of your robot to RadioShack spinning motor.

Step 3: Daiblo 3

1. Wire the Arduino to the motor.

2. Set up both bottoms to your Arduino.

3. Create the code for both bottom to make motors spin.

Step 4: The Complete Edition

1. Wire it to the battery pack to Arduino.

2. make sure everything is working. :)

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