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Introduction: Lego Rock-Band Stage

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Hey guys! For a long time now I've been wanting to upload an Intructable that has to do with Lego. As some of you know, all I have uploaded is KNEX and RCT3 Ibles. So here it is! My own custom Lego rock band stage! 
This stage features instruments for a four man band including a guitar, bass guitar, double keyboard, and drums. It also has two mics, a PA system, two monitors, and an amp! Feel free to change the colors of the drum set or any other thing; I have a limited number of pieces. Thanks, and enjoy!!

I'm entering this into the Toy Building Blocks Contest, so if you like it, please vote. Thanks!

Step 1: Getting Pieces

This build doesn't require that many pieces.

Step 2: Main Platform

This step shows you how to build the main platform of the stage. Image notes will provide additional information. 

Step 3: Drum Platform

This step shows you how to build the platform that the drums will be on.

Step 4: Drum Set

This step shows you how to build the drum set. As I mentioned before, you can change the color and what-not.

Step 5: Double Keyboard

This step is extremely straight forward. :-)

Step 6: Other Accessories

This step guides you through how to build the amps, monitors, etc. 

Step 7: Guitars

This is an extremely short step.

Step 8: Minifigs!

Every stage needs its performers, so get four of your minifigs and pose 'em! 
Thanks for building, and remember...

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    8 years ago

    This would be cool in a stop motion