Introduction: Lego Semi

Do you ever build a semi out of LEGO and it turns out horrible? I got the solution right here. You can build this semi in 15 minutes and customize it to your wishes. Swap the hitch for a flat bed, shorten it up some, make it into a dump truck, add a sleeper, and you can build a whole fleet of trucks if you want. (Want an Instructable for any of these, instead of thinking it up yourself, drop me a comment below and I'll see what i can do.)

Step 1: The Cab

Follow the pictures. It's very easy. Also, watch for the notes in some of the pics.

Step 2: The Back

Once again, follow the pictures and the notes. If you have questions, write them in the comment section

Step 3: Bumpers

Make your semi look great. Add lights wherever you want. Look at the pics to see what I did.

Step 4: Build a Fleet and Have Fun!

As I said in the intro, customize your semi however you want. Concrete trucks, dump trucks, flat beds, sleepers, semi trucks, whatever truck you can think of, starts with this basic semi, and it looks good too!

Comment below if you have questions, and please vote!

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