Lego Semi, Trailer, Forklift, and Crates

Introduction: Lego Semi, Trailer, Forklift, and Crates

I built this unit in an hour or two, and that included trying different things to see what I liked. I have several units like this now: white with blue, red, and yellow. I've only shown pictures of the white and blue, but it should be simple enough to change the colors to your preference. The mirrors on the semi are removable and storable, the forklift is transported behind the back of the trailer, and the trailer has a folding jack for when the semi isn`t hooked up. You will see these features as well as some close ups so you can build it yourself. You can only build the forklift, or the semi, or the trailer, or you can build all three.

Step 1: The Semi

This is the semi. If you want a day cab, go to my Instructable on how to build a lego semi. There you can get step by step instructions for a single cab. If you want a sleeper like I built here, follow the pictures and build one yourself. It's pretty simple. The last three pictures show the storable mirror feature. If you are driving without a trailer and don't need the mirrors, put them away.

1. Take the mirrors off.

2. Take the 4x1 off the mirror and place it where shown. (remember to put them opposite!)

3. Put the mirrors on the first two studs behind the cab.

Step 2: The Trailer

The trailer is quite basic, although you need to stop the bricks with holes at a certain spot or the semi can't turn. How I did it works great, although it is pretty close to hitting.

In the last picture you can see the jack. It is quite simple to make, and the semi can just back underneath without lifting up the trailer. It folds up towards the rear of the trailer for transport.

Step 3: The Forklift and Crates

The Forklift is very easy to make and only takes a couple minutes. The grey bar is important as it keeps the two forks fairly even, and is also needed for transport.

Even easier to make is the crates. There isn't much to explain here as it is very simple to make.

Step 4: Putting It All Together.

As you can see it is quite simple to load up the crates (i don't think i need to explain that)

The last four pictures show how to load up the forklift. four pictures mean four steps.

1. take the pin out

2. put the forks in the spaces at the back of the trailer.

3. lift the forklift up

4. put the pin back in to lock it.

I hope you enjoy playing with your semi, trailer, forklift, and crates.

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