Introduction: Lego Shopkin

Hi, today I'm going to show you how to build a lego Shopkin

Step 1: Take a 2x2 Black Piece 2x4 Black Piece and 2x6 Red Piece, Put Them Together

Step 2: Get 3 2x2 Red Pieces and Attach Them to the Other Piece

Step 3: Next Use 3 2x2 Pieces 2 Black Ones for the Eyes and a Red Piece Between.

Step 4: Then Put Some More Red Pieces on Top

Step 5: Then Add More Red Pieces.

Step 6: Take 2 2x2 and One 2x4, Put That on the Base.

Step 7: Then Put on a 2x2 and 2 2x3 on Each Side

Step 8: Then Add 2 2x3 So That 2 on the Bottom Are Not Covered Up

Step 9: Grab 2 2x2 and Stack Them to Make the Stem.

Step 10: