Lego Stand Mk II

Introduction: Lego Stand Mk II

After a couple of hundred views of my last Lego stand, I thought I would try and create another one in a slightly different style but using a similar type and number of components.

For this stand you will need:

1. Balsa wood
2. Perspex
3. Glue
4. Paint
5. Varnish

Step 1: Firstly...

Cut the perspex in half (depending on its size - mine is around A4 size) and then cut balsa wood back and sides so that the perspex fits like a shelf above them.  It's then a matter of painting the wood and gluing it into position.

Step 2: Next...

After gluing, varnish each section. This gives it strength and improves the look.

Step 3: Finally...

After you have made one "shelf",  you can continue to add more and more layers depending on the size of your collection.  I'm sticking with the one for the moment but its flexibility is certainly an added bonus.

Thanks for reading this instructable and hopefully it has given you some ideas of your own stands.  I look forward to hearing and reading about them!

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