Introduction: Lego Stop Motion :: Walking

This Instructable will take you through the steps of animating a walking Lego character in Stop Motion. Each step is a time when you should take a picture. Each step is accompanied by picture and a narration. Check out my YouTube channel Diamondzminer101 to see my stop motions process in action.

Step 1: Beginning

We're starting with you character in a strait standing position.

Step 2: Starting the Move

Next move the character's leg forward. Make sure to not lean the character in significantly, this will make them look like they are about to fall. Keep them in a general standing position.

Step 3: In the Middle

This step is the hardest to set up. Because of the (sadly) bad quality of the picture, you may not see the difference between this and the last step. This is the step that slows the movement into a slower walking motion. In this picture, you have to balance the character between two studs, the legs separated, resting on the studs but not connected to them.

Step 4: Finishing the Step

Now put the leg that was moving forward connected on a stud, but leaving the back leg sitting between the studs. The back leg is not connected.

Step 5: Walking Step Complteted

Put the character back into a standing position.

Step 6: Next Step

The next pictures will be identical, but with the opposite leg. Remember to keep the correct leg moving after another or else you'll end up with awkward, unnatural walking motions.

Step 7: Done

I hoped this helped you with animating Lego characters. To see Lego Stop Motion in action, check out my YouTube Channel to see a variety of stop motion animations.