Introduction: Lego Table DIY With PVC

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Lego Table DIY with PVC

In this Instructable I will show you how to make a PVC Lego Table for home and travel.

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This is a great way for children to enjoy their Lego collection in a designated area. The legs are removable, which makes this a great traveling table as well. In its complete form the top measures 10 by 20-inches and stands about 18.5-inches tall.

I am using all 1-inch PVC for this build because my son will also be using this table as a mini desk. You should be able to use 3/4-inch PVC if you only plan to use it as a Lego table, but you may need to adjust the pipe lengths slightly.


Parts needed:

PVC Pipes:

Four 16-inch pipes

Four 7.5-inch pipes

Three 7-inch pipes

PVC Connectors:

Four Corners

Two T’s

Other Items:

Two 10x10 inch Lego Base plates or compatible

10x20 inch piece of wood



Flush mounting bolts and nuts

Three large Lego bricks


First lay out the parts to the frame. The front and back pipes are 7.5 inches and the connecting pipes are 7 inches. Assemble them securely and then add the legs. If you choose to add PVC cement, I do NOT suggest putting it on the legs.

You will also need a fairly thick piece of wood to provide additional support under the Lego base plates. I would suggest looking in the scrap wood piles at most hardwood stores. That is where I found this one for free. I cut the wood into a 10x20 inch rectangle to fit the top of the PVC. I then painted it with Eggshell white on the bottom and sides. I left the top of the wood unpainted so a layer of glue would adhere better.

After the paint dried, a quick test fit was done to double check the sizes. Everything fit great. I then removed the legs for the next step.

The wood needs to be securely attached to the PVC, so I drilled a small hole at each corner into the PVC. Instead of screws, I got some flush mounting bolts and nuts at the local hardware store. You will need the bolts to be flush with the wood so the base plates will lay flat. I tightened the nuts snug but not overly tight because it is possible to crack the PVC. If the wood ever becomes loose, just retighten the nuts.

I then glued the base plates to the top of the wood, but make sure to add a few Lego bricks connecting the two plates together so they are the correct distance apart. Now allow the glue to dry over night

And there you have it: A great Lego table for home and travel.

This table can also work as a night stand next to your child’s bed. And you can add a Lego border to keep stuff from falling off.

Or your kids can use it as a mini desk for doing homework. There are so many ways to use this table that a child can keep it for years.

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