Introduction: Lego Transformer: Huffer? a War for Cybertron Constructicon? You Decide!

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I have no idea who this guy is, can someone come up with a name for him? Thanks!

Anyway, I was trying to go after the "War For Cybertron" sort of style. I think it worked pretty well, if I do say so myself. XD

So after you read this, I would like for you to answer these three questions:

1. Autobot, or Decepticon?

2. What character does he remind you of?

3. What name would you call him if he were to be a new character?

I really would like to know you're answers to these three questions! :)

Step 1: Vehicular Mode

What on Cybertron is this vehicle supposed to be? Hmm, no matter, it still looks cool!

Step 2: Transform!

Transform and kick some butt!

Step 3: Robot Mode!

He's way bigger than Starscream! :D

Step 4: Final Thoughts

I think this guy is a win. It's not as complicated as some of my other creations, but I think it works.

I also learned that Starscream loves taking selfies! ;)

Remember to comment down below, your answer to my three questions (read intro for three questions).

Have a good day, all you Transformers fans out there! And have a good day all you people who are not transformers fans! Love you all equally!



P.S. I'm not Spanish, but I lived in Costa Rica for over three years! :-)

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