Introduction: Lego Transformers Aerialslammer

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This is my first attempt at a "seeker" but unfortunately didn't come out the way I wanted. However it looked better than I originally intended, so I stuck with it. If you're wondering, I will post an instructable for my mini Thundercracker soon.

Step 1: Here Is Thundercracker

As I said I will post soon.

Step 2: Anyways, Time for the Arms

Step 3: And the Legs

Step 4: Don't Forget About the Back

Step 5: And Finally the Main Body

It can be any minifig helmet. I just wanted an awesome display for my awesome helmet.

Step 6: You Do the Hokey Pokey and You Assemble the Plane...


To lock the limbs in place, pull out the pins slightly as shown. Hope u njoyed!