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Introduction: Lego USB Stick

Hey Everybody!
Today I am going to show you how to make a LEGO USB STICK with only a few materials that almost everybody should have at home!

Time: 25-30 minutes

Step 1: Materials

The materials you are going to need are

1.                A USB stick
2.                2     6 by 2 LEGO blocks (see picture)
3.                1     6 by 4 FLAT LEGO Block (see picture
4.                Superglue (actually any glue that holds together plastic
5.                Exacto Knife (any knife that you can cut plastic with)

Thats it!


Step 2: Step 1

First take apart your USB Stick!
For this you can use your knife or your fingers, depending on your USB Stick.
Most important is that your USB Stick still works after you taking it apart.
After you have opened your USB Stick, it should look like in the picture below.

Step 3: Step 2

Now cut along the marked lines like in the picture below with your knife. BE CAREFUL YOU CAN SLIP AND CUT YOURSELF!

Then it should look like in the second picture

Step 4: Step 3

Now take your SUPERGLUE and glue along the marked lines. Then put the two parts together and let it dry.
Then just glue the USB Stick in aswell like in the picture below.

Step 5: Step 4

Now simply glue the 6 by 4 FLAT LEGO piece so that the opening is closed. See below.

And your done :)

I hoped you liked it.
This was my first instructable so dont be harsh.
For further questions contact me

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    Void Schism
    Void Schism

    12 years ago on Introduction

    ...and how is this different from all the other USB lego drives on this site?

    It even says in the section on creating a good instructable about doing things that have already been done. Why not be creating and show us how to make a USB hub to go with our drives? Or make Lego plugs on a USB lead.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Hey thanks for your ideas.
    I looked at alot of the other instructables and found that a lot of them are very hard to make... so I decided to make this one!