Introduction: Lego USB W/ Cap!!

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Made easy and fast. no hard instructions or steps. a 11 year old can make this!!!! tune in for my new lego uv light!!!!

Step 1: Collect Materials

1 2x6 block 1 2x6 plate( or 2 1x6 plates) super glue (or crazy glue) a Toshiba USB ( i used that but u dont need that brand but it is best~!!!!! pliers, xacto knife, sandpaper, drill also get a 2x2 block and 2x2 plate no pic :(

Step 2: Hollow Out Brick

Hollow out brick with pliers and sand the bottom also cut a hole so the usb can fit snugly in the block

Step 3: USB

Crack open usb with knife or scissors

Step 4: Fit in USB

i had a usb slightly bigger than the block ( just the thin circuit board) so i used a knife to cutr open a small line. glue the 2x6 plate onto the block. make sure the light ( of u hav 1) faces into the block.

Step 5: Cap

Hollow out the 2x2 block and make a hole to fit the usb in snugly

Step 6: Cap Cont.

Glue the 2x2 plate on the block

Step 7: Ta- Da

your done now have some fun( decorate or string onto necklace