Lego USB W/ Cap!!




Introduction: Lego USB W/ Cap!!

About: Well I'm the kinda guy that doesnt bother with About Me's but if I must: -I do alot of model building and airbrushing -I try to make/do anything i think is cool -I'm currently in Grade 9

Made easy and fast. no hard instructions or steps. a 11 year old can make this!!!! tune in for my new lego uv light!!!!

Step 1: Collect Materials

1 2x6 block 1 2x6 plate( or 2 1x6 plates) super glue (or crazy glue) a Toshiba USB ( i used that but u dont need that brand but it is best~!!!!! pliers, xacto knife, sandpaper, drill also get a 2x2 block and 2x2 plate no pic :(

Step 2: Hollow Out Brick

Hollow out brick with pliers and sand the bottom also cut a hole so the usb can fit snugly in the block

Step 3: USB

Crack open usb with knife or scissors

Step 4: Fit in USB

i had a usb slightly bigger than the block ( just the thin circuit board) so i used a knife to cutr open a small line. glue the 2x6 plate onto the block. make sure the light ( of u hav 1) faces into the block.

Step 5: Cap

Hollow out the 2x2 block and make a hole to fit the usb in snugly

Step 6: Cap Cont.

Glue the 2x2 plate on the block

Step 7: Ta- Da

your done now have some fun( decorate or string onto necklace

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    AWESOME JOB!!! also how did you make the hole for the necklace? wont the glue that you put in to stick in the usb ruin the usbs memory? pls reply! thnx!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    heyy.... thanks:

    1) the glue will not ruin the usb's memory unless the glue is conductive
    2) you should not be gluing the usb into the lego piece ( i think, cuz i made this when i was eleven.. im 13 now..) just incase of mistakes
    3) the hole in the piece was drilled.... preferably a hand drill which you slowly turn..... not a dremel.. (dremels are too fast for our current purpose
    ur welcome,