Lego Uzi

Introduction: Lego Uzi

About: A.S.E. #2

this is the lego minifig guns

this uzi is very cool for zombie survival

Step 1: All You Need

the part is just:
1x yellow two side brick
1x silver aim target
1x silver special brick
1x Orange triangle
2x Orange circle brick

Step 2: First Step

Step 3: The Barrels

Step 4: Uzi Is Done

now you can kill all of the zombie with this uzi, and you use the terrorist costume pack made by kevinhardy, thanks for watching
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    3 Discussions

    Cool, but I think for you to call it an Uzi, it should be black. It should be called a Laser Uzi or something. ;)

    Kevin hardy
    Kevin hardy

    6 years ago

    probably this gun is not perfect hehehe... sorry