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Introduction: Lego Cable Holder

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I am those kind of people that loses track of every cable or every headphone.
So when I discovered that the Lego Chareter's hand fit perfectly on the headphone metal and fit perfectly on most cables I knew I would never seal ith this problem ever again.
This instructable is very simple and cheap, but at the same time it is also very useful.

You can do this either with (some) cables or with headphones, in this example I will be using a headphone.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

- One (or more) Lego person/people. Look for the Lego people that have the hands with them, because most of my characters have no hands (I used to like to take the hands out, but then i always lost them)

- A rubber band (optional). This is for the longer cable's or for the headphones

- Scrap paper stickers, or any other paper that is sticky on both sides. Tape can also be an option, if you fold it.

- A headphone. Most cables can also work, but not all, if the cable is too thin it will just slip off the hand, but if it is too thick it won't even fit on it

As I said before, in this instructable I will be using a headphone/earpods

Step 2: Tie the Cables (optional)

If you have a long cable this might be an appropriate step.
If you don't know hold to tie a cable without a rubber band (like me), you can just do this:
Fold as many times the cable until you think it is ok. It should normally be about 4 inches (10 cm).
Then you hold the middle of your folded cable and just wrap the rubber band until it is tight enough so the cable won't get loose.

Step 3: Make the Lego Person Grab the Cable

Get the cable that you have just wrapped around with the rubber band, and position the metal part of the headphone just in front of the Lego person and give it a push until you hear a little click and you see it is connected to the hand

Step 4: Stick the Sticker on the Lego Man

Get what you are using as the sticker, in my case it is the Scrap book stickers. And peel of one of the sides and stick it on the Lego.

Also, position the Lego person on the position which it will be when the other side is stuck.
I prefferably like to put my character sitted because he gets more balance than when he is standing up

Step 5: Peel of the Other Side of the Sticker and Place It

Peel of the sticker of the remaining side and put it on the table/surface it will stay on

Thankyou for reading this instructable, and I hope you will give it a try. :)

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