Introduction: Lego Character Afro Wig

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This is a simple instructable about making Afro wigs for your Lego characters. (unfortunately, this character was injured in a battle and subsequently had to have his hand amputated, as a matter of life or death situation)

Step 1: Required Parts and Tools.

All that is needed is a hot glue gun, fluffy pompom suitably sized to the Lego character.  1 round button style lego part and a volunteer Lego character.

Simply plug in the hot glue gun and switch on, wait until the glue is hot enough to flow and drop a small blob onto the pompom.  I tried to open the pompom up so the glue would be as close to the centre of the pompom as possible.  Before the glue dries, put the small button Lego part on the glue.  Opening the pompom up before glueing ensures the Lego part is as hidden as possible when attached to the character.

Step 2: Finished Item.

Once the glue has cooled, the finished wig can be attached to your Lego Character, some hair styling may be neccessary to make it look good.

My character doesn't seem very impressed with the wig, maybe its the colour.