Introduction: Lego Google Cardboard

everybody knows the cardboard by now.

the downside is, the cardboard is no very sturdy nor can hold larger phones.

that is why i am creating 1 of lego.

Step 1: 3d Printing the Nececary Parts

to start wit you have to 3d prin the inportant parts:

lens holders

eye separator


download the test file, and 3d print it

if you found the correct parts you can setup the selected area that you want to print

brickify also has the 3d case.

Step 2: Starting Building the Base

now you have printed the parts you need.

you can start building the case.

there are multiply ways to build it/ construct it.

Step 3: Fitting in the 3d Printed Parts

if you have printed the parts correctly you can now fit them in the correct spot.

if the parts dont fit, you have used the wrong setup from brickify.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Newly Made Lego-cardboard

hope you enjoyed the instructable.

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