Introduction: Lego IPod Nano Dock

This is a dock made for an ipod nano using Lego and the adapter supplied with the ipod. It is a nano adaptation of another full size lego iPod dock.

Step 1: Prepare the Adapter and Sync Cable

You will need enlarge the hole in the bottom of the adapter. A dremmel with a small cylindrical grinding stone will make short work of this. To use this without dissasembling the sync cable a simple zip tie will keep the tabs pressed in and allow the nano to slide in and our easily.

I passed the cable through the adapter, attached the nano and slid it into the adapter. This will allow glueing the sync cable in place. It looks kinda getto becuase I used the remains of the zip ties to glue everything together.

Step 2: Build Lego Stand

Next build the dock. It is a pretty simple build. The block is just there to clamp the dock in place and hold it still. I added the lid just for something to do.

Step 3: Use and Enjoy

Plug in and enjoy. The added benifit, when not in use people will think you have a USB powered lego box.

This is my first attempt at an instructable. As you can tell. Any feedback would be appreciated.