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Introduction: K'Nex Photo Holder

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 This photo holder is double-sided and thus, can hold 2 pictures! It's really easy to make (about 5-15 minutes depending on...well, you.) And it'll look really cool in your (probably geeky, DIY'd) room. It may also be a gift to a nephew or niece...who knows? You'll know once you make it. :)

            By the way, this is my first Instructable! Go easy on me. :)

Step 1: What You'll Need...

1. K'Nex Racers 20+ Model Building Set.

    - It's good that you already have one of these things, as I did. Otherwise, it's about $21 at ToysRUs, $23 at Target.

Step 2: Gathering Up the Right Pieces.

These are the pieces you will need :

Step 3: How to Put the Pieces Together.

Just look at the pictures and copy how it looks. It should be very easy. :)

Step 4: How to Put the NEW Pieces Together.

This step contains numbers (i.e. use #1 and #3). If you do not know what these numbers are, look in the step before this. :)

1. Insert the bottom white piece from #2 (with the 2 blue circles around it) into the bottom left hole of #1.

2.Then, do the same with #3, only insert the bottom white piece into the bottom-right hole of #1.

3. Attach #4 to the end of #2 through the bottom-left hole of #1.

4. Attach #5 to the end of #3 through the bottom-right hole of #1.

*If you don't understand, look at the pictures. That's what pictures are for at this website. :)*

Step 5: How to Use It.

To insert the pictures, you have to collapse the 2 green parts on each side then insert the photo.

*On the side with the longer, white holders, insert the photo in the back of the 2 blue rings.....see photo for details. :)*

Step 6: Enjoy!

Congratulations! Your done. Go show off your new K'Nex photo holder! I hoped you liked it.....leave your comments..... And remember, this is my first Instructable, so go easy on me. :D

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