How to Make Lego Puzzle Box No.3 "Twins"

Introduction: How to Make Lego Puzzle Box No.3 "Twins"

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Hi :) This is my third puzzle box in the series, Twins. I made twins when I had a brilliant idea of a puzzle box that breaks in half. I find it to be very unique and fun to open, and I hope you like it too! :)

This puzzle box has a good balance of difficulty, storage, and uniqueness. Not extremely hard, but hard enough to be a good puzzle box. It has a unique move which splits the box in two! I built this in one day, but it took me around 6 hours. I made this in early september 2015. I hope you like it :)



  • Pop up button
  • Sliding panels
  • Box splits in two
  • Tile maze



  • Unique
  • Decent storage
  • Fun to open
  • Good size
  • Hardly gets stuck



  • Comes apart somewhat easily if you pull the top and bottom apart
  • Slightly ugly looking once opened, not much of a problem

Step 1: Opening the Box

This is how to open the box :)

Video in the intro!

  • 1: Slide a tile
  • 2: Slide more tiles...
  • 3: Keep sliding...
  • 4: ...Until you see the button,
  • 5: Which pops up when you slide the tiles out of the way.
  • 6: Hold the button down and split the box. It can only split when the button is down.
  • 7: Slide this panel.
  • 8: Slide another panel.
  • 9: Slide another panel.
  • 10: Slide the halves apart, and take the bottom panel off of the left one to reveal the secret compartment!

Step 2: Parts Count

Here is the number of parts I used to build my box. Of course, you don't need the exact number because you can substitute some parts for others or make some changes.

*****TOTAL: 260*****

***Plates: 102***

  • 1x1: 3
  • 1x2: 36
  • 1x3: 15
  • 1x4: 11
  • 1x6: 9
  • 2x2: 9
  • 2x3: 8
  • 2x4: 6
  • 2x6: 2
  • 6x6: 2
  • 12x6: 1

***Tiles: 91***

  • 1x1: 21
  • 1x2: 48
  • 1x3: 2
  • 1x4: 9
  • 1x6: 6
  • 2x2: 3
  • 2x4: 2

***Special plates: 24***

  • Stud: 21
  • L plate: 2
  • 1x2 with 1 stud: 1

***Bricks: 41***

  • 1x1: 5
  • 1x3: 18
  • 1x4: 12
  • 1x6: 5
  • 2x2: 1

***Special bricks: 2***

  • 1x2 inverted slope: 1
  • 2x2 slope: 1

***Misc: 1***

  • Small rubber band: 1

Step 3: Building: Left Side

Build the left side!

  • 1: Add these onto a 6x6 plate.
  • 2: Add bricks, the 1x4's won't be attatched to anything yet!
  • 3: Add plates and make the things on the left.
  • 4: Put them here.
  • 5: Add 2 layers of bricks.
  • 6: Add plates and make the thing on the left.
  • 7: Put it here and add more plates.
  • 8: Make this on another 6x6 plate.
  • 9: Add tiles.
  • 10: Put it on top of the box as shown.

Step 4: Building: Right Side

Build the right side!
***This is a pretty hard step!***

  • 1: Make sliding panels.
  • 2: Another view.
  • 3: Make the button.
  • 4: Another view.
  • 5: Make this on a 6x12 plate.
  • 6: Add plates and tiles.
  • 7: Add bricks and tiles. CHECK IMAGE NOTE!!!
  • 8: Add sliding panels and tiles on top of them.
  • 9: Add plates.
  • 10: Add plates.
  • 11: Add tiles and bricks.
  • 12: Add bricks. I turned the box 180 degrees for a better view.
  • 13: Make this.
  • 14: Another view.
  • 15: Add it here, and add plates.
  • 16: Add bricks, plates, and a rubber band.
  • 17: Put the rubber band here, and add bricks and plates.
  • 18: Add a plate and make the thing on the right.
  • 19: Add it here.
  • 20: Make this.
  • 21: Add it here, and add tiles and plates.
  • 22: Add 2 layers of plates.
  • 23: Make these onto plates.
  • 24: Bottom view.
  • 25: Add tiles.
  • 26: Add button and one of the things as shown.
  • 27: Add the other thing.

Step 5: Enjoy the Box :)

Feedback is well appreciated.

As long as it's not rude :)

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    1 year ago on Step 4

    Nice idear but i missed that you explain the steps. Because i had all the bricks, tiles and plates but because you dont describe each step wich brick, tile or plate to used it got very complicated because some photos are hard to read. So i used a lot of other bricks tiles and plates that was not on the list. And i think it can be simplified.


    Reply 1 year ago

    You are very right, it could be simplified quite a lot. I just wish I did have access to a professional LEGO studio with whatever bricks I want so I could optimize the design to use as few parts as possible with as simple of a design as possible. I could also make these more often and with more interesting mechanisms. I do have a better camera nowadays so any future builds will have more crisp photos. I did write this with more of a general approach to the structural aspects, I apologize if that was confusing and perhaps I can go back and brush up on the instructions sometime.


    1 year ago

    Amazing, but next time can you make a puzzle box that is a bit simpler?


    5 years ago

    i am making it now


    Reply 3 years ago

    hey its me! the old me! i never even remembered this!


    4 years ago

    Looks like the pictures are a bit fuzzy. I may retake the pictures in the future if you guys want.


    5 years ago

    How do you make the first sliding panel? Its just i cant see the picture properly


    Reply 4 years ago

    The middle layer is a 1x3, a 1x2 with one stud off to the side, and another 1x2.


    Reply 5 years ago

    And whats the image note???


    4 years ago

    its very cool but a rubber band don't very work


    Reply 4 years ago

    twist the rubber band in two

    Carpenter Guy
    Carpenter Guy

    5 years ago

    I can hardly comprehend how this works! How the tiles stay on the top! :-)

    Anyway, I ordered the LEGO for this!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Haha, hope you enjoy it! If you run into any problems building it let me know.


    5 years ago

    this thing is awesome