Introduction: 3d Print Modified Legos + K'nex

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Lego Screw Holes. An Examination into the foundations of every builder's favorite toy.

Trust me. Some of the most simple things are good.

Why should legos be limited simply as toys? Why can't you build on your ceilings and walls? The iconic blocks have been used in household floors everywhere for 80 years and now they are about to come on walls and ceilings too.

I aimed for my solution to be as cheap and use as possible. And what is this solution you ask? A lego brick with screw holes attached! Ok... Maybe that doesn't sounds as elaborate as I made it out to be...

Come on! You aren't limited to screws! You have tacks! And Glue! ... I'll give up now... :)

But all "jokes" (hehe) aside, This project is aimed at children-- To help in them building whatever they want! And also for adults. We all like to play with Lego! Now we can attach them to robots, sheds, pineapples, and anything else you can imagine. (excluding air mattresses... Its a shame when they go pop! :( )

To make these models I took lego blocks from thingiverse and other sources.... Click here for the model of the lego brick I modified. My original idea was to create a lego to K'nex converter, but quickly I found that idea had been already accomplished...

As I have no 3d printer I was unable to test this design... However that doesn't mean you shouldn't! I'd love to see how one turns out! Once again as I say in every instructable: Please leave your constructive criticisms, and questions below! I'm 13 and a new member of this site: They are greatly anticipated and appreciated. For some reason the k'nex and lego models are ridiculously large... (when scaled to inches) There is a solution to this, either scale it down or import it into tinkercad in mm. That should give the correct size.

UPDATE: I now added a K'nex connector! Have fun playing on your walls, ceilings, and the like with K'NEX!

Here's the connector already on tinkercad.

Step 1: How to Create Your Own Using Any Building Set

Creating you own building block wall mount

There is a whole instructable talking about how to get lego bricks into tinkercad... Click Here

  1. Click here for the attachment piece.
  2. Click the "tinker this" button
  3. Find the building piece you would like to attach. To great sites for this is Thingiverse, and Grabcad
  4. Download the files
  5. Click back onto the Tinkercad tab
  6. Look at the right hand side of the screen click "Import"
  7. Click on "choose file"
  8. Locate the STL file of your model and import it.
  9. Move the object by clicking and dragging it to the connector piece. When selected there's a little black arrow the permits you to move it up.
  10. When satisfied with the position, Click the "design" option in the upper-left corner
  11. Click "Download for 3d printing"
  12. Click on the file type you need for your 3d printer (.STL is the most common)
  13. Open you 3d printer's software and import the file
Nota bene: Tinkercad is praised for its ease of use. People create things in tinkercad, by positioning, and rotating different shapes of holes, and objects. To create a new object: go under "geometric" and drag the desired object onto the work plane. When you click on that object an inspector window comes up. Here you can change you object to a hole, or just change its color... For more information on tinkercad. I can recommend this instructable. Here another one

Step 2: Other Lego Modifications

Here I will list links to other Lego modifications I've made:

(using methods similar to those expressed in the last step)

Lego 90 degree turn brick

Lego Multi-dimenional converter brick

Lego bottom to bottom connector

Lego top to top connector

I tried to create basic parts, as I feel these will be used most commonly. They will also provide great support for the already wide array of 3d printable lego parts.

Here I will list links to other cool Lego modifications I've found:

I did NOTmake these and you should thank the creators for their wonderful work.

Lego Go pro mount

Customizable Lego Rack Gear

Lego Servo mount

Lego Propeller

Brick Mount Base Plate for Arduino UNO R3

Lego Compatible Arwing Space Ship

Lego was a toy. But now--Thanks to 3d printing. It can be more... You can now truly build almost anything with Lego.

Hope you enjoyed!


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