Lego:How to Make Stairs

Introduction: Lego:How to Make Stairs

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Step 1: OH NO!

The package has been broken on the way to my place would you get your parts and help me rebuild it?

Step 2: Platform

Step 3: First Stair

Step 4: 2th Stair

Step 5: 3rd Stair

Step 6: Final Stair

Uh oh it's not stable!

Step 7: Platform

It's still not stable

Step 8: It's Stable! I'm Goin Up the Stairs.....Uh Whats That Noise BOOM!

ITS BROKEN AGAIN well I know how to build it know but I'll use super glue this time!

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    This is so cute! I love all the poses for the lego man. Also a nice build with those stairs! Thanks for sharing!


    8 years ago

    Guys I'm not very good at Legos so please comment and share to your friends so we can get more views and more people playing indestructible's