Introduction: Lemon Synthesizer

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This is a touch based lemon synth built off of this macumbista circuit design.

I am working with a friend on a installation piece in Hawaii in July and I wanted to involve a touch based circuit so i can connect it both to plants and his rice bowl installation. Connecting this circuit to the lemon as a conductor is just the tip of the iceberg. I will be adding full solenoid movement and other goods later down the line

Step 1: Finding the Bill of Materials

This is the circuit. Super Easy to breadboard. Not too many components and parts. An easy 20-30 min build for all :)

Step 2: Bread Board Test

I then laid it out on a bread board, powered it up and tested each stage of the circuit.I then connected all the touch points and voila: TOUCH SYNTH

Step 3: Encasement

I then Modge Podged my typical style of collaged anime flicks. I drilled a simple pattern in the plastic cover and laid out a collage anime flicks After the images dried, I mounted the lugs that would be the fixed touch points.

I then screwed the loose leads off the circuit to the lugs. Viola: mounted key touch points

Step 4: More Detail of Encasement

Step 5: Done!