Introduction: Lemonade Dispenser

Hi there makers,

Do you know that moment when you pour in lemonade but you always overshoot or ad too little lemonade? Well no more because I’ve designed this lemonade dispenser which delivers lemonade at an accuracy of 0,5 ml!

This is my third version and we've been using it for about 2 years now and we all love it. We love it so much that we stopped drinking soda's.

in this instrucables i will take you on the road of making one for yourself.


  1. 1,5/2 Meter Food Grade
  2. Transparante Siliconen hose
  3. Diafragma Mini Pomp Spray Motor 12V (food save)
  4. 12V relay
  5. 3.3KΩ, 220Ω and 270Ω
  6. 4 digit 7 segment display
  7. 817C Dip Optocoupler
  8. 2N2222 transistor
  9. 1N4007 diode
  10. 2x pct-214 connector
  11. rotary encoder with switch
  12. 10x 3x60 white tie wraps
  13. 8x Cable Tie Mount Base white (20x20)
  14. set Dupont Connector (optional to make neater)
  15. dupont wire 16x F-F 10cm
  16. dupont wire 5x F-M 10 cm
  17. dupont wire 8x F-M 20cm
  18. arduino nano every (can buy off ali)
  19. plastic check valve (8mm)
  20. 2 pin connector
  21. 12v 3A adapter
  22. 18AWG wire
  23. tubing wrap
  24. measuring cup (50ml)


  1. soldering iron
  2. 3d printer
  3. hotglue gun
  4. hobby knife

Step 1: 3d Printing Time

I printed in Pla black but feel free to use any material/color. you will need support.

Step 2: Installing

Next step takes the longest... but is absolutely worth it!!

Next is to wire everything together i have included two types of schematic's to help you with the wiring.

The pump is hot glued in place and the silicon hose is routed to the upper valve and one to the lemonade in which you have to modify the cap to fit the hose.

tip: firs make the schematic on a breadboard to test the system!

Step 3: Uploading Code and Calibrating

In the code there is a section in which you can calibrate the amount
being dispensed. By measuring with a measuring cup and then tweaking the values in the code until you get you value’s. I only did four options but you can add or subtract options.

Step 4: Step 4: Enjoy!

The machine has run
for about two years now without any troubles.


When switching from lemonade flavors it is recommended that you flush the system with warm water because the pump/system doesn't work as well prior to a sticky mess inside of the pump. And once per year a flush with water is recommended.