Introduction: Lemonade Stand

This is my first project that I am posting.

This is a lemonade stand that I was asked to build for a friends grandkids who put out a lemonade stand to raise money for charity all summer long.

This project was designed around not having any waste from the materials that we needed to buy.

And yes I do realize that it is completely over engineered for what it is!!!

Step 1: The Plans

Kinda rough drawn out but you should get the point

Step 2: Materials List

2) 4'x8'x3/4" plywood
4) 4"x4"x8'
16) hinges

Primer and paint

Step 3: Cut Plywood

On each sheet of plywood measure out and cut at 3', 5'and 7'

Each sheet will give you two 3' pieces and two 1' pieces

On one of the 3' pieces mark the center point and notch out a piece 2 1/4 " on each side. This piece will be the counter top of the stand

Step 4: Prime and Paint

Wipe the pieces down and prime it
I put two coats on

Paint choose your colors and paint
Yellow only needed one coat but the orange and green took two coats

Step 5: Assembly Time

It was a long road of paint and wait to paint some more but it's finally time to put it all together

*do to the time I spent painting I mad the wife mad and assembled it in our living room so I wouldn't mess up the paint*

To make things easier I bought door hinges and will modify them in a later step

For assembly I just laid out the sheet of plywood and put the 4"x4"s on top and put the hing in the center of each piece of plywood

Step 6: Modifying the Hing Pins

I choose to grind down the pins a little bit so the slide in and out freely

I also welded a washer on top to make it easier to grab and flattened one side so the washer wouldn't dig into the plywood

Step 7: Delivery

Everything is all done and in hindsight I would look into using a different style of hinges to use.

My friend didn't see the project at all until it was done all he provided was the rough drawing and went to the hardware store to pick out paint swatches for the colors

He was extremely happy with it but he forgot to tell me he wanted it to be double the size at 8'x8'x8' instead of the 4'x4'8' (LxWxH) so we are already talking about making a second stand for fun

I didn't get pics of all the sides due to space in the garage where we set it up but plan on updating pics this summer when the kids are running it