Lenovo T520 Display Replacement

Introduction: Lenovo T520 Display Replacement

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Today I am going to guide you through replacing the display of a Lenovo T520 Laptop. This particular laptop had some issues in that the display was humming in relation to screen brightness and had multiple dead LED's.

At the time of this writing the replacement display is $50 US and is a LG LP156WH4 there are several displays that are compatible however we just went with the direct replacement.

The only tools required is a pocket knife for removing the screw covers, A #0 Phillips screwdriver, and a plastic pry tool a guitar pick or debit card could work in a pinch.

There were 2 laptops that were turned back in on our last refresh that had some dead spots in the back light. As you can see by the picture the laptop on the left has been replaced, the laptop on the right is the one that I am going to replace the display in the video. I figured that as we had 2 out 15 that there are probably more people out there that are experiencing the same issue.

Now on to the video. This is me replacing it in real time. Granted I did this 1 time before so for a first time it may take you 10 minutes or so.

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    Always glad to know that computers can in theory be repaired at home. I'm probably still too chicken to try, but this is some great information!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    No worries, That apprehension keeps the lights on LOL. I was just like holy cow this is easy. No sense seeing someone get fleeced. By bringing in the geeksquad to do it. $300 for 10 minutes work yeah.......