Introduction: Lens Mount Bracket for Overhead Storage

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This Instructable is about how to make a bayonet bracket witch fits on your lens.

This bracket can be mounted to any overhead surface. Its benefit is, that it allows a save, space saving way to store your lenses.

In addition it acts as a third hand wile changing from one lens to the next. Because the bracket is also the lens cap, you don't need a hand to remove the lens cap.

I made a video where I explain in German how you can adjust my CAD Design of the lens bracket.

Here is the link to my Design in Fusion 360.

Step 1: Adjust the Bracket to Your Lens (If You Don't Use Sony A-mount)

My design witch you can download fits for Sony A-mount lenses. If you use different lenses you have to adjust the CAD Model. But this is straightforward.

For the majority of the lenses you just have to edit the dimensions in the first sketch of the CAD model.

You can adjust the diameters and the angular positions of the claws.

If you like to tune it even more to your need... go for it.

If you like to share a link to your version of the lens bracket, post your link in the comments.

Step 2: Mount Your Bracket to Any Overhead Surface

When you have located the place, where you like to mount your lenses, you can mark the position of the holes, witch you have to drill.

I recommend that you drill a hole with the core diameter of the screw you use.

The dept of the hole, depending on your screw, you can mark on your drill with a bit of tape. This is important if you drill into a shelf witch is not much thicker than the length of the screw. Otherwise you have the risk of drilling through the shelf.

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