Introduction: Leopard Ensemble for Shoveling With Tunes

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I designed this hat and mitts to wear while shoveling snow, it keeps your ears warm and let's you listen to your mp3 player.

Step 1: Making the Hood

First measure your head width and height and cut a rectangle with that size plus a border for a seam. I used polar fleece so I just did a single 1/2 inch turnover for the hem on the outer edges. If you are using a fabric that ravels allow enough seam allowance to turn over the fabric twice to get a finished hem.

Sew the seam across the top of the hood.

Sew the seam down the back of the hood.

Turn under a narrow hem and finish the front edge of the hood.

Step 2: Making the MP3 Player Pocket

Use the device you plan to store in the pocket to cut a piece of fabric the right size for a pocket. Allow for a 3/4 inch turnover on each side. I also made mine a little larger so if the hat shrinks in the wash my player will still fit.

Turn over the long sides and pin them in place.
Turn the corner in diagonally to form a triangle.
Turn over the short sides and pin them in place.
Sew all the way around the pocket.

Pin the pocket to the hood. I centered mine on the back seam on the inside of the hood. This will further protect my player from the elements and avoid having the earphone cord let in a breeze when the cord comes from the outside to the inside of the hood.

Sew a seam around the sides and bottom of the pocket. Try out the pocket for size.

Step 3: Making the Scarf

Cut out a long narrow strip for the scarf. I just used the length that I had available and made a seam down the center. You can do this in one single length if you have a long enough piece of fabric. The length of the scarf is really your preference. I wanted the scarf to be long enough to go around the back of my neck and back to the front.

Sew the center seam of the scarf.

Finish the edge of the scarf if you choose. With polar fleece you can also cut fringe into the end.

Sew the scarf onto the bottom of the hood. Be sure to carefully measure and match the center back seam of the hood with the center of your scarf so it is the same length of both sides.

Step 4: Making the Mitts

I had extra fabric left over, so I made a simple pair of mitts to match my hat.

Use your hand to size the outline of the mitt.
Cut a slit where the base of your fingers will be.
Turn up a narrow hem along the slit on each edge.
Sew around the outside edge of the mitt.
Try it on for size.
Flip the top up to allow your fingers access for finer motor tasks.

Now you are all set to keep warm this winter while shoveling snow to your favorite tunes!

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