Introduction: Leopard Gecko Care

About: Leopard Geckos are my thing. Wolves are the best hands down.

I will show you how to take care of a Leopard Gecko.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:
Leo Gecko
Terrarium (10+ Gallons)
Dome Light Fixtures
Bulbs (About 4)
Reptile Hide
Water Dish
Reptile Carpet
Temp/Humidity Gauge
Food (Crickets, Mealworms, etc.)
Cricket Carrier
Food for Insects
Decorations (Optional)
Calcium Dust/Supplement

Step 2: Terrarium

Before you buy a Gecko, you need a terrarium. A good size for a Leo is 10-20 Gallons. You will need substrate. I recommend reptile carpet because its easy to clean and lasts long. You will need a hide big enough for your leo to hide in. For a water dish, a small, shallow pool will suffice. You can decorate with rocks and cacti. You will need a temp/humidity gauge to make sure the terrarium is right temperature and humidity. Temp.: 80-95 Degrees/Humidity: 20-40 Percent

Step 3: Lighting

I use heat bulbs instead of a heating pad, so lighting is important. I recommend a Zilla Night Heat bulb (night heat/viewing), Zilla Daytime bulb (light/some heat), Zoo Med Basking Bulb (day heat), and Exo Terra UVB bulb (calcium UV rays). You should use 2-4 reptile light domes for these (porcelain base)

Step 4: Food and Nuitrition

Giving your gecko correct food will help it grow strong. Crickets, mealworms, superworms, etc. all are good choices, but be sure to dust with calcium. You will need a cricket carrier or similar to contain them. Make sure you feed them.

Step 5: Finished

This is how you take care of your Leo Gecko so it's happy and healthy.