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Introduction: Leprechaun Catcher

My 6 six year old daughter wanted to try to catch a leprechaun, and being an adventurous dad I said.... hey, why not give it a try! So we made a leprechaun catcher. The idea is simple and you'll have lots of fun making it with your child.

So what do you use for bait to catch a leprechaun? why GOLD! of course so gather up some gold, a box, some string and a creative 6 year old and lets get to it.

Step 1: Step 1 - Aquire the Parts

First you will need a box with a hinged top. I used a box that some chocolates came in that I received as a gift for Christmas, it was a great excuse to empty the box (yummy). The box is about 12 inches by 6 inches and 3 inches deep, use whatever you have lying around. You will also need the following items:

2 pieces of paper cut to size for the inside of the box top and the bottom of the box
Crayons, markers ect.
A small pot, I used a small terracotta plant pot about 2 inches tall
Some paint to paint the pot
Sting (thin)
Gold chocolate coins
Hot glue gun
An child to draw the "Rainbow"

Step 2: Build the Catcher

First have your child draw a rainbow, try to have the end of the rainbow line up with the spot where you want to place the pot of gold. Then hot glue the drawing to the inside of the box top. Next draw a scenerey for the bottom of the box, we used green paper to simulate grass. Hot glue that paper to the bottom of the box.

Next, Paint the pot black or which ever color you choose ( we wrote "Free Gold" on the pot to entice the leprechauns to take the bait! )

Next step, hot glue the string to the pot and the box top. Glue the string about 2 inches up from the bottom of the lid and close to the top of the pot. Make it short enough so that the leprechaun will pull the top closed when he tries to take the "Pot of Gold"

Next, fill the pot with chocolate gold coins, we also added a few to the bottom of the box, this way he will follow the gold to the "Mother Load".

Step 3: Try to Catch the Leprechaun!

Now that we have our Leprechaun catcher built it's time to put it to the test. Place the Leprechaun catcher in a open spot in your house on St. Patricks day eve, and in the morning see what you get. But don't be surprised if the gold is missing and you have an empty box! Leprechauns have been around for centuries and they know alot of tricks! (hint hint).

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

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    9 years ago

    Love it! So cute


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the fun, had a great time making this with my daughter.